A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Have you ever wanted to program a fleet of taxis turn by turn, intersection by intersection as if each individual driver in your fleet was a brainless automaton who needs extremely detailed instructions?

... NO?

Well, do I have the thing for you!

Enjoy this game where you write instructions for each individual taxi as you try to get them to reach their destinations without losing too much of your fleet, and don't worry, if you fail once, you can easily adjust and restart!

(with thanks and apologies to Zachtronics for the inspiration from Opus Magnum and his previous games, and to my friend @Jalict for his tweet which sent my inspiration flying)

(find my twitter here: @_profan)


Sadly there was no time to make more than five levels, so thats all there is at the moment, alas, I hope you still enjoy this concept game! (further development is to come post-jam, so follow this space if you're interested!)


Project Origin:

Was originally created for Ludum Dare 40, submitted to the jam! https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/40/vroom-vroom-kaboom


Windows 64 bit - LD40 Jam 6 MB
Linux 64 bit - LD40 Jam 8 MB
Mac OS X - LD40 Jam 24 MB
Source - LD40 Jam 1 MB

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