Version v0.0.1 out! Trams! Level editor!

First Post Jam Version!


It's been a while since LD40 now and I've slowly been poking at the game and the level editor (maybe mostly the level editor) in my time in between other projects, but thought I should at least tentatively put out this slightly more playable version (and a version which now has the level editor you can toy with if you so wish), in the meantime.

There are still lots of things to do, and big decisions like how to represent instructions visually (and how to type them) I've still not implemented, but that's due next on the roadmap as it's a bit of a pest at the moment (and one of the biggest things people remarked on, maybe after the game not having any thinking music).

Still, try it out and let me know what you think, I'm open to any and all suggestions (do read what i've already planned first though) and hope the level editor isn't too unintuitive to use.

A maybe for the level editor is undo/redo, but at the moment it's perfectly serviceable without it.


  • an in-game level editor, with a live preview to make the process of making levels easier
    • since the last devlog:
      • made it way easier to place trams, was previously several pieces you placed manually, is now drawn like roads/tramtrack is
      • added a way of centering the camera in the level editor as it was otherwise easy to end up way off the actual centerpoint, as no visual reference is given in the editor as to where center is, this hopefully helps a bit.
  • first steps of adding trams as an environmental obstacle, as just the base functionality was quite small
  • made it so that at obvious corners, where there is only one turn to be made, no instruction needs to be issued, as can be seen in the below image [1]
  • improved the user interface [3] a bit so that indications for whether taxis are alive/dead are clearer
  • changes destinations into depots that taxis automatically turn into when they pass them, instead of the previous unclear markers in the road, as you can see in [2]
  • actually made it possible for pieces of road to be next to eachother (directly parallel), earlier this wasn't possible because the underlying implementation was a bit bunk, now it's entirely possible to have bits of road that run parallel, where drivers can't just ignore the rules of the road and drive straight across the lines (this was possible before)
  • add extra level between what used to be Level 1  and Level 2, to ease the difficutlty into having multiple taxis in the field a bit and let the player know things can go kaboom.

Current Roadmap

  • add music to the game.
  • add sounds for various effects to the game.
  • implement simple system of gates+wires+triggers that will interact with the system of roads and trams to make more complex puzzles that don't simply involve way too many taxis/trams at once.
  • change the menus so they scale better with resolution
  • add a keybinding/better way of informing the player how to play than the crappy jam-remnant "how to play" page is there now.
  • more levels! (and a nicer way of displaying them, their names, the amount of taxis/trams etc in the levels in the menus too)
  • allowing the player to save a solution for a given level (currently not saved unless the player copies out the instructions themselves)
  • add painting terrain/misc aesthetics bits to the level editor





Windows 64 bit - Post Jam 9.8 MB
Version 0.0.1 Jul 31, 2018
Linux 64 bit - Post Jam 10 MB
Version 0.0.1 Jul 31, 2018
Mac OS X - Post Jam 22 MB
Version 0.0.1 Jul 31, 2018

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