Trams! Progress report since LD40.

So since the jam (LD40, roughly three months ago) I've been working on a few things, which include the following:

  • an in-game level editor, with a live preview to make the process of making levels easier
  • first steps of adding trams as an environmental obstacle, as just the base functionality was quite small
  • made it so that at obvious corners, where there is only one turn to be made, no instruction needs to be issued, as can be seen in the below image [1]
  • improved the user interface [2] a bit so that indications for whether taxis are alive/dead are clearer
  • changes destinations into depots that taxis automatically turn into when they pass them, instead of the previous unclear markers in the road, as you can see in [2]



I hope to get all of this in the hands of people soon, putting together some more levels and working on a new feature where taxis will be able to trigger pressure plates, which will toggle the movement of elements these plates are linked to (such as trams), so you might have a tram blocking the road, but by routing a taxi a certain path, you can unblock yourself!

Thats all for now :)


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