Patch v1.1.1 - (Many) Assorted Fixes


So it's been a little while since last, and I decided to put together a few small fixes to prepare for porting the game to Godot 3.1 and putting it on the Play Store, this is still on Godot 3.0.6 and just a preliminary set of things I'd wanted to fix a while back but had been too busy to get to, so soon the game should hopefully be on the Play Store but until then, here are a few small fixes!
Probably doesn't matter to most who have already played the game through, but nonetheless! :)


  • While in indoors scenes, clicking/tapping on a character has the character walk to them now, like for doors.
  • Added a quit to menu button to the options menu alongside the quit that was already "quit the game", but wasn't clear it was so.
  • Added a bit of text that informs the player they can't return to their house after leaving it.
  • Added an hourglass next to the yes button for events that consume time.
  • Added an "are you sure" prompt for skipping a time period.


  • Player can no longer walk off the right edge in the shrine scene.
  • The teacher now has a shadow, like the rest of the obviously not alien mortals in the game.
  • Going to the history view in options was missing a transition, is now consistent with the rest.
  • Fading between scenes now doesn't bleed transparent sections like clouds etc. like it did previously.
  • The top right settings button previously stayed on screen when returning to menu after the game ended, now dissapears as it should.
  • Fix text alignment in transition from indoor scene to overworld scene, was previously overlapping in a nonpleasing way, now looks like the rest.


MM - Windows 64 bit 40 MB
Version 1.1.1 Jun 17, 2019
MM - Linux 64 bit 41 MB
Version 1.1.1 Jun 17, 2019
MM - Mac OSX 53 MB
Version 1.1.1 Jun 17, 2019
MM - Android 48 MB
Version 1.1.1 Jun 17, 2019

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