Day 5 - Convenience Store Part Deux​

Day 5 - Convenience Store Part Deux

So, leading on from yesterday, I started out by cleaning up the convenience store front, moving things around a bit, playing with proportions and working out which walls would have windows and walls, etc, how big the back room should be, where the back door should be, if there should be a storeroom etc.. Things that never had to be considered in the original, because we never had to draw those parts, they were "just there", if you imagined them, but now we must model all of it! ALL OF IT! (well, we don't have to, but i want to)

A shot at night:

Aand a look inside the layout:

Where you can also see my fudged placeholder-y props.

The end goal here is a sort of diorama type scene?  Probably. For now I'm just enjoying the process.

Lots of things to do yet, stay tuned!

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