Post Jam v0.0.1 - New Level 6 (now solvable)

So if any of you had been trying to solve level 6 it took me a bit but I actually realised it is unsolvable!

If you look closely, platforms need to align along the same axis for characters to be able to walk across, and currently characters can't walk across corners or the like, so as the upper and lower lanes never align currently, it can not be solved! Luckily, I've now updated the game with a post-jam version and a new level 6 where it is actually solvable! (as seen in the post's chosen image)

Note that the HTML5 version is still the Heartjam version as the jam is still ongoing, so if you want to try it, download it! (use the itch client if you want to get future updates more easily too)

Thanks! :D


Windows 64 bit - Post Jam v0.0.1 9.5 MB
Mar 30, 2018
Linux 64 bit - Post Jam v0.0.1 10 MB
Mar 30, 2018
OSX 64 bit - Post Jam v0.0.1 23 MB
Mar 30, 2018

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